Enable Anti-Spam feature

Using the Policies service you are able to enable the Anti-Spam Content filter ( based on SpamAssassin ).

  • On the Policies service turn ON the “Enable SpamAssassin” feature.

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  • Return back to the Messaging section.
  • The Anti-Spam link is turned to green.
  • Click on it

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  •  Enable Anti-Spam content delegation: Allow you to allow organization’s Managers to modify scores.
  • Score to put messages in Quarantine: If the Spam score reach the defined value, then the message will be saved in quarantine area.
  • Retention (quarantine): Set the maximal time to live of a saved message in quarantine database.
  • Block the mail if Spamassassin score is up to: Will delete silently the message. Nobody know about it.

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