Manage groups and privileges

Groups are designed to store users in order to basically manage privileges.
Groups are stored by an organizations. If you want to create users or groups you need first to create an organization.

Create a group and set privileges.

In our example, we will use the organization “Company1″ and create a group named “admin_company1″ in order to associates messaging privileges for users stored by the admin_company1 group.

  • Go to the Organization section.
  • Click on the Add group icon.
  • Set the group name “admin_company1″

16-02-2016 00-01-22

  • The groupsĀ  number is changed in the table.

16-02-2016 00-02-45

  • Select the right-side magnify icon and click on your added group.

16-02-2016 00-05-14

  • Choose the “Privileges” icon
  • Select Organization privileges tab.
  • Turn on the “Can Manage messaging features” option.
  • Click on Apply.

16-02-2016 00-07-12

  • Click on “Members” tab
  • Click on Add a new member
  • Set your member that will be a member of this new group with messaging privileges.

16-02-2016 00-10-30

  • Establish a session on the Artica front-end with this new user.

16-02-2016 00-13-27

You will see that this user is able to manage only it’s own organization.

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