Policies service parameters

The policies service parameters allows you to tune the performance of the Policies services according the number of forwarded messages.

  • It is located when clicking on the “Service Options” tab.

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  • Debug: allow the filter to log in the syslog all operations when intercepting messages.
  • Directory in Memory: put the working temporary directory in memory in order to speedup INPUT/OUTPUT operations.
    Set here the memory allowed to working in memory.
  • Max requests: Maximum request a process can handle.
  • Minimim processes to keep: Number of daemons loaded in memory ( 2 is the minimal ). More you add daemons, more you increase the speed but the filter will consume more memory.
  • Maximum processes: Set the maimum processes allowed to be loaded when the main daemon require to load a new processes to handle messages.
  • Memory limit KB: Limit slave processes resident-set size to this many kilobytes.  Default is unlimited.
  • Total Memory limit (KB): Limit total size of slave processes memory space to this many kilobytes. Default is 90MB

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