Reports by attachments

With the policies service enabled, you can create reports based on attached files in messages.
This feature is available on both Messaging Administrator and organizations administrators

  • On the TOP menu, click on Statistics.
  • Choose Attachments icon.

26-02-2016 17-45-48Click on “Build the Query” button.

26-02-2016 17-48-19


  • Select the first and last date.
  • Set the query on sender or recipient you want to focus or “*” for all.

26-02-2016 17-49-06

  • Report is generated

26-02-2016 17-50-51

Obtain data in CSV format.

  • Is it possible that generated reports did not meet your needs.
  • In this case, click on the Statistics button on the top menu.
  • Choose “reports” icon.

25-02-2016 17-34-36

  • Find your generated report in the table.
  • Click on the CSV icon.

25-02-2016 17-35-53

  • Click on the CSV icon in order to donload the CSV data

25-02-2016 17-37-20

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