The Auto-Whitelist feature

Auto-Whitelist is feature included in the Policies service. It allows the policies service to automatically save in the whitelist database all external email addresses sent by your users.
This white-list is used when enabling the Anti-Spam content feature and when enabling the GreyListing feature.

To judge that an eMail address can be added in whitelist, the policies service check if:

  1. The message is sent by a network/IP address saved in SMTP networks
  2. Or the message is sent by an user using the SMTP authentication.
  3. And the message is sent only to external users


  • The Auto-Whitelist feature can be enabled on the Policies service section.

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  • You can display the Auto-Whitelist database in the Messaging section.
  • Click on Auto-Whitelist link under Content Filters section.

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  • You can query/delete entries or add a new one yourself.

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